Case study

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It’s time for another amazing case study.

This sweet and stoic girl is Tawny, a 14 year old Lab mix, who came in for urinary issues. Prior to visiting us, she had been on antibiotics due to having some blood in her urine for several months. Tawny’s condition was not improving on the antibiotics so Dr. Bartholomay examined her, ultrasounded her bladder and then took radiographs of her abdomen. The ultrasound and x-rays showed a very large number of bladder stones. The treatment plan for Tawny was to have surgery to remove the stones as soon as possible, antibiotics, pain meds and switching her diet to Royal Canin Urinary SO food. This food is designed to prevent stones from forming and support urinary tract and bladder health.

The following day, Tawny had a surgical procedure called a cystotomy. Dr. Bartholomay made an incision in her bladder to remove the stones and then flushed fluids through her bladder and urethra to make sure all the stones were expelled. To everyone’s surprise, there were more than 270 stones removed! Tawny recovered very well after surgery and was excited to go home the next day!

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