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Our AAFP Cat Friendly Advocates are Tara LVT and Natalie LVT. Cats need regular veterinary exams to live longer, healthier lives. The American Association of Feline Practitioners established Cat Friendly Practices to reduce stress associated with veterinary visits.

A Cat Friendly Practice creates a low stress atmosphere for feline patients.  Our veterinary team has advanced training to perform feline exams with special attention to feline needs. Cats need regular veterinary exams to live longer, happier, healthier lives.  During routine exams we can detect conditions or diseases that may affect your cat’s health.  We have taken extra steps to assure that a cat’s unique needs have been met.  You can be confident that your cat will be given exceptional care and attention through all steps of the visit including examinations, procedures, and hospitalization.

We now have a waiting room that reduces stress associated with noise or other pets, with a cat only section of our waiting area, along with a secondary entrance that can be used for your convenience. We have implemented feline- friendly handling techniques to have our patients receive a more positive experience. We have a feline only examination room that provides an area that cats can be examined calmly.

We also offer Kitten Kindergarten classes to help implement socialization when they are a kitten. For more information on this, and other ways to help make veterinary visits less stressful, visit the links below.

Kitten Kindergarten

Fear Free Vet Visits


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To learn more  about the Cat Friendly Program visit, website includes a searchable database of Cat Friendly Practices.