Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, (DVM)

All veterinarians at Casselton Veterinary Service, Inc. are licensed to practice in North Dakota and Minnesota. They have all passed rigorous training. In order to become a veterinarian, one must attend an accreditated veterinary medical college and pass a national board exam. In some states, such as North Dakota, the veterinary medical board also requires a state exam. Requirements to attend a veterinary college usually take 2-4 years of college courses at a state university with emphasis on sciences such as chemistry, biology, genetics and zoology. Each of the 25 colleges in the United States, have different requirements. Most classes consist of 25-30 students/year. So it can become fairly competitive to get into vet school.

Our Veterinarians treat a variety of animals including:cows, horses, pigs, dogs, cats, and rabbits. All our veterinarians are trained in treating all these animals, although a few have more training in different species than others, and some see a few more “exotic” animals, such as elk, bison, emus and ferrets.

Licensed Technician, LVT

All our technicians at Casselton Veterinary Service are licensed Veterinary Technicians (LVT) in North Dakota. Each state has different requirements, in North Dakota a candidate must be a graduate of an AVMA accredited Veterinary Technology program (most with BS degrees, some with AS) and must pass a national board exam in order to become licensed. Some states give the technician a license, some use certification and yet in other states, the technician is registered.

All these terms have the same weight or value. While the term “technician” is used even for those without a license, our clinic employs only licensed personnel for technician duties. Those “trained on the job” are called assistants. Read more.

Meet the Casselton Veterinary Service Team

Veterinarians | Practice Owners

Brad Bartholomay

Veterinarian | Owner - DVM, CVA, CAC

Education: North Dakota State University, Iowa State University
Pets: Jack and Emma

Dr. Brad Bartholomay graduated from Iowa State University in 1990. He prepared for veterinary school by attending North Dakota State University from 1983-1986. He was a member of the Army Reserves as a medic and later as a veterinarian in the ND Army National Guard. Dr. Bartholomay joined Casselton Veterinary Service after graduation and became part owner in 1992. For full Bio click Brad's picture above.

Darin Peterson

Veterinarian | Owner - DVM, CAC

Education: SDSU, Ross U., Texas A&M
Pets: Dogs Kenzie & Skeeter, 1 cat, 5 horses, & Elmer the miniature donkey.

Dr. Darin Peterson was born and raised on a horse and cattle ranch in Rosholt, SD. He attended SDSU receiving a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Animal Science. Dr. Peterson worked for Fort Dodge Animal Health developing animal vaccines and then went on to Veterinary School at Ross University. He completed his final clinical year at Texas A&M University in 2005. For full Bio click Darin's picture above.

Laurie Huckle

Veterinarian | Owner - DVM, CCRT

Education: Concordia College, Iowa State University
Pets: Petey and Penny

Dr. Laurie Huckle obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Biology and minor in Chemistry from Concordia College, Moorhead in 1999. She then attended Iowa State and earned her DVM in 2003. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) and North Dakota Veterinary Medical Association (NDVMA). For full Bio click Laurie's picture above.

Trevor Bjerke

Veterinarian | Owner - DVM

Education: University of Minnesota-Crookston, Valley City State University, Kansas State University

Dr. Trevor Bjerke graduated from the University of Minnesota-Crookston in 2000, with a degree in Agricultural Sales and Management. He then attended Valley City State University in 2002-2004 for his Pre-Veterinarian classes. In 2010, Dr. Bjerke graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Bjerke and his wife, Jennifer, have two children, Faith and Jackson. For full Bio click Trevor's picture above.


Dr. Jackie Schmid

Veterinarian - DVM

Education: University of North Dakota, Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Jackie Schmid grew up on a farm in North Dakota where she always had a dream of being a veterinarian, but ended up graduating from the UND with a degree in Geological Engineering. Her first job out of college was working on the MX missle in Anaheim, CA. After achieving her “rocket scientist” status, she moved to Southeastern Washington state. For full Bio click Jackie's picture above.