• How to Get Great Photos of your Pets

    Jul 03 2014

    Getting great photos of your pets is not always easy – they move fast, and seem to have a secret code that states they will stop doing whatever cute thing they were doing as soon as you have your…

  • Leaving Dogs in Cars is Not Cool

    Jun 26 2014

    It hasn’t even officially been summer for a week, and already the reports of dogs being left in hot cars are dominating the news. It doesn’t have to be sweltering out for temperatures inside a…

  • Fighting Fractures

    May 27 2014


  • Recalled Jerky Treats Are Revamped and Making Their Way Back to Market

    Mar 07 2014

    After a voluntary recall last year, some chicken jerky treats are back on the shelves – and in the news. Two major brands have announced that after making changes to their recipes, the treats are…

  • 4 Questions You Need to Ask before Getting Another Dog

    Feb 28 2014

    Feeling guilty about going to work and leaving your furry best friend alone at home all day? Are you thinking of bringing home another dog to keep him company? Before you run off to your local breeder…

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    North Dakota Veterinary Technician of the Year

    Oct 08 2012

    Casselton Veterinary Service is so very proud to announce that our very own, Kristin Faleide, was named North Dakota Veterinary Technician of the Year!  Kristin has been with CVS since July of 2006,…

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    Rimadyl Rewards Program

    Oct 05 2012

    Casselton Veterinary is excited to announce our participation in the Rimadyl Rewards Program! The Rimadyl Rewards Program allows you to accumulate reward points based on the amount of Rimadyl you…