Equine Wellness Package

CVS is pleased to announce the Equine Wellness Package for our equine patients.

Visit 1 Spring: Wellness Exam, West Nile Virus/Eastern and Western Sleeping Sickness and Tetanus vaccination, Influenza/Rhinopneumonitits vaccination, Fecal Egg Count, Deworming, and Coggins Test.

Visit 2 Fall: Dental Exam/Float (Dental Equilibrium), Sheath/Udder Cleaning, Fecal Egg Count, Rabies vaccination, and Influenza/Rhinopneumonitits vaccination.

Description of Services:

Our basic wellness program was designed to help keep your horse healthy and protected from disease.  It includes the recommended routine vaccinations, wellness exams, and preventative care that all horses should receive.

Vaccinations: Important vaccinations in our area include Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus, West Nile, Influenza, Rhinopneumonitis, and Rabies.

Fecal Egg Count: Internal parasites can be the cause of many problems in horses including weight loss, poor hair coat, and potentially colic.  Fecal egg counts can give us the severity of the parasite infection and help us choose an appropriate dewormer.  Follow-up egg counts help to determine if the parasites have developed a resistance to the dewormer.

Coggins: This is a test for Equine Infectious Anemia, for which there is no cure and will eventually cause death. It is spread by biting flies. This test is required for travel to different states and many horse shows.

Dental Exams and Float: Teeth in horses often wear unevenly and can develop sharp edges that pinch the cheeks and make chewing painful.  This can lead to weight loss, unthrifty coats, and colic.  Tooth infections are also possible.  Typically floating is recommended once a year to file the sharp points and examine the mouth for any other abnormalities.

Sheath/ Udder Cleaning: Male horses sometimes develop a “bean” near their urethra (the opening in the penis to the bladder). This can cause the urethra to become partially blocked and make urination difficult and /or painful. A yearly exam and cleaning are recommended for all male horses.  In addition to checking and removing beans, the entire sheath is cleaned of secretions and dirt build-up. Sometimes mares can retain a large amount of wax build-up or dirt between their teats, especially if they are carrying a lot of weight.  A yearly check of the udders and udder cleaning are recommended.

Program details: All packages must be paid for at the time of purchase.  Package prices do not include mileage or farm stop fees for farm visits.  Once purchased, the package is non-refundable, no substitutions will be allowed, and all the services must be used within one calendar year.  

The package is designed to be split up between 2 appointments (Spring and Fall). If your horse passes away while participating in the program, a pro-rated refund will be given.  

Dental work includes sedation, a complete oral exam, and a basic performance float (including bit seats). This does not include extractions or radiographs.  

Horses must be at least 1 year of age to participate.  Horses with no previous vaccinations will require booster vaccinations, not included in this program.