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Casselton Veterinary Service, Inc.

Casselton Veterinary Service, Inc.

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OFFICE LOCATION: 5012 47th St. S. Fargo, ND 58104

I have never been to a vet that cares and spends that much time with my babies! Thank you so much, you’re worth the drive!

Sayler – Bismarck, ND

First time at CVS and we are very impressed with the facility, all the staff and their service. Dr. Bartholomay, and the Technician explained everything to us thoroughly, professionally and patiently. We were impressed and confident with Dr. Bartholomay’s knowledge and expertise. So glad we were able to get a biopsy and ct scan at the same time. Getting these major diagnostic tests done the same day saved us time and travel, but most importantly it made the process less stressful for our fur baby, Ruby. Thank you for coordinating these services and thank you for getting that ct scan machine!

Susan – Jamestown, ND

This place is awesome. I needed to find a vet for my kitty and I’m glad I picked Casselton. The staff were all extremely friendly and were able to get me in right away for a normal appointment. They even have a waiting area dedicated to kitties only which provided a nice atmosphere for a pet that has never been to a vet. He hasn’t put down his complimentary toy since we got home last night!

Madeline – Fargo, ND

I have been bringing my babies here for about 3 years, and have never had any issues with the clinic. A few months back I brought my cat in to be spayed, a little after that a tiny 4 week old, sick kitten fell into my lap. A few weeks later, my other adult cat became sick but with all the prior vet expenses my finances were tapped out. The clinic was more than willing to work out payment arrangements, which I ended up not needing but just the fact that they were willing to do that will keep me coming back!

Taylor Jo – Glyndon, MN

I have been using Dr. Peterson for a few years now (3). I was recommended by a friend when my horse was acting sore. We figured out her hocks were fusing and proceeded in making the decision of the next step. Dr. Peterson answered ALL of my questions regarding injections, no injections, supplements, adaquan, etc etc. It was after that visit, I knew I would never go anywhere else. Since then, Dr. Peterson has been so amazing. From ulcers, to injections, to new horses, to lung infections, to bleeding out the nose, and many other things. He is open to more than just ‘one way’ and that is one of the many reason I love working with him. With my barrel horses, I need them feeling the best they can and he makes sure of that. He always answers my calls or returns voicemails and is always so willing to answer my questions. He explains each and everything he does and why he does it. What I like most (or one of the MANY things), is that he always gives options. He has never once told me “this is how it needs to be done” but rather given me a few different options with pros and cons of each. I’ve become a frequent flyer with injections, Chiro, etc to keep my horses feeling their best and each time I visit, Dr. Peterson does something else to amaze me. Today, it was his knowledge on navicular and giving me more information/advice on injections, wedge shoes, and just on the condition itself. The bottom line is this, he is not allowed to retire for as long as I’m in this sport/career!!!!

The front desk is always so wonderful and goes above and beyond to help! The techs have all been wonderful to work with as well!! Thank you again to Dr. Peterson and everyone at Casselton Vet Service. Xoxo, Briana, Boy Toy, and Hemi!

Briana – Bismarck, ND

With 6 high maintenance French Bulldogs, there’s no where else I’d take my animals. Each and every member of their staff are extraordinary and compassionate. All of the veterinarians truly treat each and every animal as if they were their own!!! At Casselton, they make you feel like family, which is priority #1 because my dogs ARE members of my family! Thank you Casselton staff for ALWAYS being there whenever I call and for ALWAYS taking fantastic care of my squishy faces!

Amanda – Moorhead, MN

I took my dog superman here for a rash that was allergies they printed off the pricing of all my options so i could take them home and figure out financially what would work best for me and they explained everything very thoroughly and they really make you feel like they care about your pets they called me a couple days before our appointment and called a few days after to see how he was doing with his meds and asked if i had any further questions i would recommend them to anyone!!

Lydia – Fargo, ND

I’ve been taking my dog Bandit here since October after being diagnosed with IVDD. The chiro and acupuncture treatments he gets from Dr Peterson has helped get him off pain meds and we’ve started seeing improvement with his mobility.

Krista – West Fargo, ND

I brought my dog there for allergy testing. I was impressed with the facility-I did not expect that in a small town clinic. Staff was very knowledgeable & friendly. When I picked up our first round of allergy shots, the receptionist had a tech come out to explain everything to me. Not only did she give me a thorough explanation, she brought out her dog in to show me how to give the shot and had me do a practice shot. Above & beyond my expectations! I will certainly recommend them to anyone!

Nikki – Mayville, ND

A huge thank you to Casselton Veterinary Service, Dr Huckle, Tech Beth and all staff involved in making our most anti-social cat Andi’s appointment so awesome!! Your compassion and caring that was shown to Andi and my husband and I was truly over the top!!! Thanks again

Cheryl – Barnesville, MN

The staff is great, everyone is always friendly and helpful. I have never had a bad experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Kelly – Argusville, ND

Thank you so much Dr.Bartholomay,Dr.Schmid and Dr.Huckle, Kristin (lvt) all the staff all the receptionist for the excellent care, concern,understanding,patience and kindness to our Maddie Grace and my husband and myself . I know our Maddie Grace is still with us today and doing so well because of the excellent knowledge and care she recieved from all of you. I can’t thank all of you enough for everything you did for us. I’m sorry I can’t remember everyone’s name who helped us while we were there just know that we appreciate all you did. If anyone ever needs care for there fur babies Casselton Veterinary Hospital is the place you want to go to! Again Thank you all so very much. God Bless you all! Maddie Grace, Zoey, Tim and Sheila

Sheila – Rugby, ND