Pet CT Scans in the Fargo Moorhead Area

Casselton Veterinary Service is excited to now offer High Definition Animal CT Scans right here in Casselton, North Dakota at our full-service veterinary facility.

As animal healthcare continues to evolve Casselton Veterinary Service has embraced the advancements along the way. From expanding our full-service veterinary medical facility in Casselton, North Dakota multiple times to now exploring expansion opportunities in Fargo Moorhead Veterinary Medicine our mission is to continue providing the most comprehensive animal healthcare and therapy for our patients and clients.

While researching Pet CT Scan Options in Fargo Moorhead and surrounding areas we found a space that was in need of a solution. Casselton Veterinary Service is excited to now offer High Definition Animal CT Scans right here in Casselton, North Dakota at our full-service veterinary facility. With a state of the art High Definition 3D Volumetric Imaging system we are able to provide images from the world’s most advanced veterinary imaging device.

Susan Galloway recently brought in her furry family member Ruby and had this to say about her CT scan experience. “First time at CVS and we are very impressed with the facility, all the staff and their service. Dr. Bartholomay, and the Technician explained everything to us thoroughly, professionally and patiently. We were impressed and confident with Dr. Bartholomay’s knowledge and expertise. So glad we were able to get a biopsy and ct scan at the same time. Getting these major diagnostic tests done the same day saved us time and travel, but most importantly it made the process less stressful for our fur baby, Ruby. Thank you for these services, Dr. Bartholomay…and thank you for getting that ct scan machine!”

What does having a Pet CT Imaging Device in the Fargo Moorhead area mean to you?

With this type of service we are able to provide you with a diagnosis of your pet’s condition, treatment plan, rehab options and a better prognosis. The closest pet CT imaging service is located in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. Having this service locally will provide you with an option to have the procedure completed closer to home and then explore your treatment and action plans. This results in less pet anxiety during long car rides, added expenses of fuel, hotel, and travel.

What is a Pet CT Scan and how can it be used?

Our CT imaging device is a robotic, high definition 3D volumetric scanner-fluoroscopy-digital radiography platform that is capable of imaging an entire patient in a single series, and can fit even extremely large dogs. A high definition 3D volumetric imaging system comes from re-inventing and going beyond CT technology. Resolution is as high as 0.09mm x 0.09mm x 0.09mm (isotropic voxels, vastly higher spatial resolution than conventional CT). Any patient from 2oz to 200 lbs, can be effectively imaged.
CT is used in veterinary medicine to diagnose several conditions that are not visible through other modalities such as ultrasound and MRI. Several conditions diagnosed through CT are fragmented medial coronoid process (FMCP) and Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) are common conditions of juvenile, medium to large-breed dogs. Other conditions include complex/articular fractures, spinal lesions, metastatic diseases and neoplasms, masses and tumors, middle-ear disease and nasal cavity disease.

What is the next step?

If your veterinarian or animal healthcare provider recommends a pet CT scan for your pet please let us know. Your veterinarian can contact us and we can work with you to set up a time to bring your furry family member to our clinic for the procedure. During our initial consultation call we will visit with you and answer any preliminary pet CT scan questions you may have and provide you with procedure costs and what to expect when your pet CT scan results come in. Please contact us today at 701-347-5496 or via our Contact Form and we will promptly get back to you. Thank you for considering Casselton Veterinary Service as a resource for your pets medical needs.

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