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Case study

By March 18, 2017 Uncategorized

This sweet and incredibly adorable girl is Matilda, an 8 month old Greyhound/Irish Wolfhound mix. Matilda came to visit us on Monday because she ate Gorilla Glue and was understandably not feeling well.

She was hooked up to IV fluids and a barium study was performed. Barium sulfate is a contrast media we administer orally to visualize the GI tract. Then we took a series of radiographs over the course of a couple hours to see if there was a blockage. The barium moved through her GI tract pretty well, but there appeared to be something abnormal in her stomach.

Matilda ended up having surgery to explore her stomach and GI tract. The glue had hardened in her stomach and was not going to pass on its own. The glue was carefully and successfully removed. Matilda recovered well from surgery and was able to go home a couple days later. She is one lucky puppy!


matilda    matilda 1  matilda 2  matilda 3

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